Professional Agriculture all over the World

AMBIKA accumulates extensive international experience in:

  • large scale agricultural and farming management in developed as well as in third-world countries;
  • private equity, fund management, corporate finance and advisory services in countries of the Former Soviet Union and sub-Saharan African countries.

AMBIKA is involved in:

  • Agricultural Consulting (global business planning, specific topics and issues, business modeling, etc)
  • Farm Management (with the secondment of AMBIKA’s specialists and farm managers on the ground under the management of AMBIKA’s Agri-Committee)
  • Agricultural Audit (to give a fair and independent review on management’s report)
  • Direct investments into the agricultural sector and food processing (benefitting from an important and high quality deal flow through Russia and the African continent)

AMBIKA’s executives have an extensive track record and focus mainly on Russia, countries of the former USSR and Africa. These are countries with a very high potential for agriculture, but which face many distortions, which need to be properly addressed and managed.

AMBIKA provides a broad range of consulting services to farmers, investors into farming operations and government. These include a support to produce better and more, support to establish business plans and/or assess business opportunities.

AMBIKA does purchase and manage farms as well as downstream processing operations. In such capacity, AMBIKA invests proprietary capital as well as private and institutional money raised on capital markets, thus generating sustained value and cash-on-cash yields.

AMBIKA also provides on the ground agricultural management to support farm owners, private and institutional investors to meet their targets and enhance both their cash-on-cash yields as return on invested capital. AMBIKA seconds its farm managers to run the farm under a strict control and guidance of AMBIKA’s Agri-Committee.

AMBIKA can be retained to provide an independent audit of agricultural operations and give an independent opinion about results and management’s reporting. This allows private and institutional investors, who are not involved in the daily management of operations to get an independent analysis of planning and performance as well as an analysis of figures provided by management.

AMBIKA supports established business to profile themselves to properly enter international capital markets and supports them for trade sales, capital raising, IPOs, M&A, etc.